Friday, June 15, 2007

Any Uveitis Symptoms?

Question: "I'm curious about what Anna's eye are like when she has a flare? Do they hurt or become red - what type of symptoms?"

Answer: Anna doesn't exhibit any symptoms of uveitis (although some children do). The only way we know that her eyes are flaring is by keeping our appointments with the ophthalmologist, who gives her a slit lamp exam. That's how he sees the extra white blood cells floating around. While I'm glad Anna's eyes don't hurt or show any extra redness, we then don't have any "visuals" to know how effective the treatments are. We just have to wait until the next ophthalmologist appointment.


Bill Barger (Uncle Bill) said...

Hello ALL

Uncle Bill is chiming in here. I have followed Anna's JRA issues for a few years via weekly chat emails from her mother, Tammy. Last Christmas, I had the opportunity to spend a week or so in the area, and had several interactions with this beautiful, active, outgoing child called Anna. It was almost shocking, as I had viewed her as "stricken with JRA" from the weekly chats. I guess the moral of the story, if their is one, is that Anna does have a life, and what appears to be a healthy adaptation to the issues she faces. It sure woke me up!!

Tammy Z said...

Uncle Bill! Thank you so much for adding your observations! What you say is very true. When people meet Anna, their views of a child "stricken with a disease" go out the window. Anna does indeed have a full, active life, running around at the park a lot, swimming in the town pool, and just being a kid!

Hope you're staying as cool as possible. We'll look forward to when you're able to visit again. :o)

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